Parties deserve an impartial ear and an arbitrator who is committed to allowing each side to fully present the facts, listens attentively, and efficiently manages the case to render a fair award. I strongly believe that professionalism, respect, and courtesy are essential to the arbitration process.

I enjoy listening to people to understand the values they hold and what influences them. Having worked in the USA, Europe and the United Arab Emirates, my diverse experience enables me to manage well with parties, counsel and fellow arbitrators from different cultural backgrounds and legal jurisdictions (both common law and civil law).

I am also proud to be an early adopter of legal technology, especially with use of tools to conduct electronic case management and virtual hearings. 

International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR)

American Arbitration Association (AAA)

Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC)

Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) Reserve Panel

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre (Manama and Riyadh)

Wing arbitrator (appointed by AAA) in a tri-partite panel in USD 1 Million investment dispute (California law, seat California) between investor and investment adviser under AAA Commercial (large complex track) Rules.

Sole Arbitrator (appointed by AAA-ICDR) in a real estate dispute (California law, seat California) between a California-based developer and Chinese investor under AAA Commercial Rules.

Sole Arbitrator (appointed by AAA) in numerous consumer arbitration and mass arbitration cases (various State laws and seats) under AAA Consumer and Mass Arbitration Rules involving technology, crypto assets, crypto wallets, DeFI platforms, e-commerce payment gateways, data breaches, wireless service providers, 

Arbitrator (appointed by FINRA) in numerous tri-partite panels involving securities investment disputes (various State laws and seats) under FINRA Rules.

Sole Arbitrator (appointed by DIAC) in five related cases totaling USD 320,000 between a UAE-based retailer and mall operator under DIAC Rules.

Chairperson in USD 220,000 real estate investment dispute (UAE law, seat Dubai) involving UAE developer and under DIAC Rules.

Chairperson in USD 125,000 real estate investment dispute (UAE law, seat Dubai) brought against a Dubai-based developer under DIAC Rules.

Party-Appointed Arbitrator in USD 4.5 Million infrastructure and construction dispute (UAE law, seat Dubai) brought by a Dubai entity against a consortium under DIAC Rules.

In-house counsel in USD 8 Million commercial dispute (New York law, seat New York) brought by a Dubai entity against a European manufacturer under AAA-ICDR Rules.

Lead counsel for major India-based real estate developer in USD 40 million claim (UAE law, seat Dubai) against Dubai-based general contractor who abandoned project for failure to supply critical infrastructure.

Lead counsel for Dubai-based materials supplier in arbitration under ICC Rules of USD 25 million claim (English law, seat Doha) against general contractor for breach of contract related to construction of the Qatar Airport.

Lead counsel for U.S.-based international courier company in USD 3 million claim (English law, seat DIFC) under DIFC-LCIA Rules against subcontractor for failure to perform deliveries.

Lead counsel for China-based furniture manufacturer in $1.5 million claim (UAE law, seat Dubai) against global hotel chain refusing to pay for product it alleged was defective.

Lead counsel in separate arbitrations (UAE law, seat Dubai) for individual Canadian, UK, and Belgian investors against UAE-based real estate developers for breach of contract for failure to complete construction of apartment buildings.

Small Claims Tribunal Registrar, DIFC Courts conducted fast-track judicial conciliation for civil and commercial disputes under $68,000 and employment disputes under $136,000 dollars.

Dispute resolution by arbitration can be a significant undertaking, and especially during times of heightened uncertainty--such as a pandemic or periods of societal upheaval or political chasms. Arbitrators with multi-faceted skills who understand business, and the need for pragmatic, relevant, civil case management play an especially important role during these unprecedented times.

Appointing an arbitrator with general counsel experience ensures you will receive commercially minded, relevant, pragmatic, and cost-effective handling of the arbitration. Among the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my professional career is that parties deserve speedy and cost-effective resolution of disputes. Over the years, I have honed the ability to provide value to the arbitration process while staying within agreed time frames.

In addition to my experience in complex, commercial arbitrations, I have served on numerous AAA Consumer arbitration matters and as an adjudicator in the Small Claims Tribunal of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts that provides court-sponsored fast-track conciliation of commercial and employment disputes. Therefore, I am able to adapt case management practices to fit the amount in controversy while ensuring that all parties to the matter have had an opportunity to be heard.

Advertising/Marketing & Sponsorships: Negotiated hundreds of venue agreements with hotels, hospitality, events management companies, PR companies and publishers, multi-tiered sponsorship agreements for major events, marketing, influencer, and social media agreements.

Commercial: Arbitrated and negotiated a wide variety of disputes arising out of business contracts and commercial transactions including concession, license, distribution, wholesale, and franchise, revenue sharing, royalty, agency, joint venture, lease, marketing, manufacturing, supply, conformity of products, sale and purchase, lease, real estate and development, revenue sharing and royalties.

Construction & Real Estate: Arbitrated and negotiated real estate investment disputes between developers and investors in a variety of sectors, including residential, commercial, hospitals, shopping malls and hotels. Arbitrated infrastructure and construction contracts and disputes under FIDIC rules. Drafted and negotiated complex commercial leases for retail, commercial, office and warehouse space. Negotiated construction contracts for commercial and residential projects. Managed closings for acquisitions, construction financing; negotiated purchase and sale agreements.

Employment: Handled all manner of in-house corporate employment, including hiring, termination, wage disputes. Drafted and negotiated executive compensation agreements, employee benefits agreements and employee handbooks. Investigated sensitive employee misconduct cases.

Fashion & Luxury: Experienced in handling variety of complex legal, commercial and management issues within luxury and fashion including consumer goods, jewelry, horology, textiles, apparel, footwear, accessories, skincare, and hospitality and lifestyle. Extensively handled a wide variety of issues related to IP, trademark, design rights, brand protection, infringement, enforcement, counterfeit, copyright, data privacy, AI, ESG, branding campaigns, communications, strategic joint ventures, co-collaboration agreements, digitization, and supply chain. Negotiated strategic partnerships, agency, sales representation, license, omni-channel, travel retail, distribution, license, wholesale and franchise agreements among major luxury and fashion brands, retailers, mall operators and other stakeholders.

Governance & Compliance: Counseled board and C-suite on multi-jurisdictional trade compliance activities, including regulatory interpretations for international trade, and customs. Oversaw corporate governance, global compliance, risk-management and conducted sensitive investigations; designed US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act compliance for UAE business.

Intellectual Property: Oversaw extensive domestic and international IP portfolio; handled brand protection prosecutions and enforcement, anti-counterfeit, and consumer protection matters.

Investment, M&A/Joint Venture:  Arbitrated securities and business disputes between and among brokerage and investment firms, investors individual brokers and their employees. Structured, performed legal due diligence, negotiated legal terms, and drafted legal documents, including finance documents to create subsidiaries, JVs and business alliances between UAE entity and Saudi Arabia, US, UK, and South Korean partners. Advised on all aspects of UAE single-family office operations, including investment vehicles, shareholder agreements, conventional and Islamic finance, escrow arrangements, asset purchase and sale of businesses. Counseled multi-generational family-owned business on myriad of strategic, operational management, ownership, valuation, and exits and succession planning to preserve assets and familial relationships.

Technology: Arbitrated numerous technology disputes involving cryptocurrency assets and wallets, DeFi platforms, security breaches. Negotiated high-value procurement contracts with numerous enterprise software providers including POS retail platforms, inventory management, e-commerce, customer relations management, contract management and cloud storage. Advised on all aspects of digitalization including e-commerce strategy, retail technology, artificial intelligence, GDPR, data privacy, and cybersecurity.