Mediation is a voluntary process that helps parties avoid more costly and more involved alternatives such as arbitration and litigation that yield legally binding decisions. As a mediator, I assist and guide the parties toward their own resolution. While I do not decide the outcome, I help the parties understand and focus on the important issues needed to reach a resolution.

I work with parties (collectively and separately) in a peaceful, civil, and respectful manner to foster mutual understanding and to reach constructive solutions that resolve differences through dialogue and fair processes.  My dispute resolution strategies include fostering a rapport, considering interests and values separately, appealing to overarching values, and indirect confrontations. I maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism in conducting mediations. 

Mediation can be provided virtually via telemediation from the comfort of the participants’ home or office. This remote model allows participants to engage in the process safely and conveniently, while benefitting from related time and cost efficiencies.

Family Business Mediation

Family businesses are unique and among the oldest and most prevalent of business entities across the globe, ranging from privately held mom-and pop shops to multinational corporations. Family business disputes require a special approach because the relationship between the parties is not the same as between purely commercial, arm’s length counterparties. These disputes can emerge between two or more family members over ownership, management, succession, business valuation and the exit process.

Having worked as general counsel and strategic advisor for a family business conglomerate now in its fourth generation, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I have first-hand experience working through a myriad of strategic, operational management, ownership, and succession planning issues and dilemmas to help preserve the assets of the entity and relationships between family members.

Workplace Mediation

The function of mediator requires extensive experience and specialization due to the complexity of issues in employment disputes. I conduct mediation of workplace disputes and have previously served as court-appointed conciliator in a number of employment-related disputes.

Financial Services Mediation

Drawing upon my experience in cases brought before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the largest securities dispute resolution forum in the United States, I am specialized in resolving monetary disputes, investor disputes, and securities disputes arising from investor disputes with brokerage and investment firms or individual brokers as well as workplace disputes within brokerage and investment firms.

“I’m committed to listening and understanding the issues.”